2018 Creative Trails Poster by Paul Alan Bennett

2018 Quilt Show Poster
Creative Trails by Paul Alan Bennett

We are excited to present the artwork of Sisters artist Paul Alan Bennett for our 2018 Quilt Show poster celebrating the theme, “Creative Trails”.

Paul attended the Maryland Institute of Art for my B.F.A. and received my M.A. from the University of La Verne, Athens, Greece. His awards are numerous and his work resides at The University of Eastern Oregon and also at Central Oregon Community College.  In 2006, Pendleton Woolen Mills produced 16 of my images as tapestries.

Paul’s style often uses paint to copy a knit look. Knitting and weaving are common to all cultures so this look lent itself well to incorporating much of his interests in travel, folk art and art history.  Read more at  Paul’s website.   To view his art as exciting clothing line check out the variety of produce by Paul!