2019 Featured Quilters – Susan Cobb & BettyAnne Guadalupe

2019 Featured Quilters Susan and Betty

2019  Featured Quilters: A Daring Duo
Susan Cobb & BettyAnne Guadalupe

Generally, in this relationship, Betty Anne quilts almost all Susan’s quilt tops. In the process, over the past ten years, the two have become great friends.  Betty Anne is not only an expert long-arm quilter she is also an expert quilt maker; quilting teacher, has won many awards,  and has exhibited her work including as the featured machine quilter at SOQS in 2010.  Susan was a two-dimensional Fine Art artist for many years, studied art at university, taught art in adult night school, showed her work in galleries and street fairs, worked as a graphics artist and learned to make quilts in 2008. Susan was commissioned to create the 2018 SOQS Raffle quilt, The Story of Stars.  They both have great variety in their own works and noticeable differences between one another in their fabric choices and overall quilt top imagery.  Regardless, these two ladies have tons of fun bouncing ideas off one another and making quilts for the love of the creative process.