1:30-3pm Session: Make It Digital!

1:30pm FivePine Conference Center, Media Room
FivePine Lodge & Conference Center, Sisters, Oregon

Interactive demonstrations and discussions ranging from “how to” create several digital projects to using what you’ve already designed in your textile work.

  • Step-by-step directions for creating “mash-up” textile pieces used for distinct types of images.
  • Create generic abstract designs and then “repurpose” in a variety of ways by manipulating colors and/or adding new layers.
  • Create digital “sgraffito”—an artistic technique created by scratching through layers to reveal an underlying image.
  • Using brushes and erasers to replicate standard surface design techniques textile artists frequently use when creating interesting looks fabric.
  • Printing techniques using various types of textiles such as linen, percale, silk, twill, or sateen.

$5.00 lab fee

Sharon Carvalho

Sharon  has a passion for fabric and design—and creates her fiber art on both a design wall and a computer.  Her quilts have appeared in the Summer 2013 edition Art Quilting Studio, and more recently, the February/March 2017 edition of Quilting Arts Magazine. Locally, her work has also been featured at both the Twigs and Clearwater Galleries.  Sharon is a member of the Central Oregon Studio Arts Quilt Association (SAQA).

Sharon Carvalho