SOQS Endowment

EndowmentChallengePostcardFinalYOU DID IT!    Your generous contributions helped us to reach our goal of raising $40,000 in just ten months!  Thank you.

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show’s Endowment Fund is a step closer to fiscal stability which will allow it to avidly pursue its mission to educate the public about and to celebrate the art, skill and heritage of quilting and fiber arts while enhancing the cultural vitality of Sisters and Central Oregon.

To ensure your gift benefits our organization’s short and long term financial sustainability goals SOQS established the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Endowment Fund with the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF).  To learn more about how to create a legacy donation in your will, please call Executive Director, Jeanette Pilak, 541-549-0989.  SSJ.Inc. dba Sisters Outdoor Quilt show is a registered 501 (c) (3)  Fed ID#14-1941732

Click Here to download or print a contribution form to send with  a check or credit card information. You may send a check made payable to SOQS Endowment Fund to our office, or request a contribution form by calling the office.

June Jaeger, Sue McMahon, Betsy Rickles, Jodi Rusconi, John & Jean Wells Keenan

Lanz Family Trust, Anonymous, Sisters Quilter,  John Keenan & Jean Wells Keenan, Kathy Miller, Joyce Donaldson, Nancy Ruth Mast, Jeff Omodt & Winnie St. John, Marion Shimoda, Jan Tetzlaff, Dr. Scott A & Kristin C Collins, Sheryl Gordon, Christopher W. Heaton, Sharyl McCulloch, Jeanette Pilak, John & Judy Troike, Carol Zosel & Chuck Harper, Pamela Zurer, Sheryl Chandler, Nikki Cooper,  Annabell Douglass, Beth Hanson,  Patricia Mullen, Judy Trego, Deborah Thomas, Marjorie Rice

In Honor of Jane Humphrey
In Honor of Jean Wells & Valori Wells

In Honor of June Shimoda
In Honor of Drs. Scott & Kristan Collins
In Memory of Inge Ricker
In Memory of Peggy Lou Nakahara
In Memory of Harvey Humphrey